After successful operation of Reveal CAST in the continuous casting line with improved slab quality, one of our key customers requested two additional systems to be installed to their hot rolling mill. By having Reveal CAST in continuous casting and in hot rolling, our customer can find the root cause of defects and improve the quality. This is a concrete step towards a full documentation and traceability of their entire production chain.

We are also delivering new Reveal TAP systems to different customers and a new Reveal 360 system for monitoring the wear of ladle refractories. One of the Reveal TAP solutions is delivered to monitor the tapping process of four copper converters. Reveal 360 is a hybrid solution that measures the refractory wear in addition to acquiring high detail images of the refractories. For the customer this means an increase in safety as leakages can be potentially avoided. Also, the ladle refractory life-time can be optimized due to the real-time information about the refractory wear and ladle volumes. Finally, data can be transferred to the customer manufacturing execution system to be used in process optimization.