Description of Reveal TAP

Reveal TAP is the solution for monitoring tapping of molten metal and slag in a multitude of process phases.  It provides a real time control room view as well as a web browser interface for gaining several value added benefits.

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  • Molten metal (e.g. steel, nickel, copper, ferrochrome) tapping
  • EAF, AOD, ladle
  • Immediate feedback to the operator about quality of tapping
  • Systematic and full documentation for later tracking, process development or quality problem solving
  • Work safety improved
  • Accurate imaging molten metal flow
  • Real time control room display
  • Video storage to cloud service
  • Value added features like automatic reaction index
  • Metal and slag detection
  • Integration to Level 2 and 3 systems
  • Extremely easy-to-use web browser interface