Description of Reveal CAST

Reveal CAST is the complete solution for monitoring cast products at the earliest possible stages of your process. Visual data of target surface condition is available online in unprecedented detail and presented utilizing an intuitive user interface.

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  • Continuously cast and hot rolled products
  • Hot slabs, blooms and billets
  • Hot bands and plates
  • Immediate feedback to the operator about quality of processed product – optimized process and resource utilization
  • Immediate feedback to the operator about process parameters and condition of production line – optimized maintenance
  • Systematic and full documentation for later tracking, process development or quality problem solving
  • Accurate imaging using laser side illumination
  • Image data storage and retrieval
  • Automatic detection and manual defect marking
  • Value added features like width measurement and full dimension profile
  • Integration to Level 2 and 3 systems
  • Extremely easy-to-use web browser interface
Want to make a trial?
Reveal CAST service can consist of a 6 months assessment period prior to any final decision.
Reveal CAST can alternatively be offered as a continuous service, including use and maintenance of the system.