Our Sapotech Senior Adviser, Dr. Paavo Hooli, will be participating as a speaker in the International Workshop of Surface Quality of Continuously Cast Products (IWSQ 2016). This event will take place in Bergamo – Italy on 1st and 2nd December and it is organized by the AIM (Italian Association of Metallurgy).

The scope of this event is to share the knowledge and latest innovations that can help to improve the surface quality of slabs, blooms, billets and other continuously cast products in the steel industry. This is a very relevant topic as nowadays steelmakers are on the search for better and cutting-edge technology that can help them to improve the surface quality of steel products.

During the workshop, Dr. Hooli will present several examples of how the surface quality of slabs can change during the casting process, from start to end. With Reveal CAST different types of defects appearing on hot slab surfaces can be seen and analyzed with the help of statistic tools and other features of the system such as a real-time video operation.

More information about IWSQ 2016 can be found at: