Sapotech is celebrating its 4th year in the metal market! “It has been an eventful 4 years’ journey for the company as we have been pioneers in our service-based model in this market” says Sapotech CEO and co-founder Mr. Saku Kaukonen.

Indeed, it has been a very busy year for us as we have been launching our products internationally. We first established our position in the Nordics (our home market), then expanded towards Europe and now the North American steel market. “Today we differentiate ourselves not only technologically, but also because we offer a ground-breaking new way of providing technology: the service-based model. In these 4 years, we have created a versatile product based technology that has allowed us to offer solutions to all major metallurgical sectors” says Mr. Kaukonen.

We would like to thank our customers and partners who have been eager to use our technology in their different processes.

Sapotech was officially founded in October 2012 in Oulu, Finland. The product family which we offer to the steel & metals industry: Reveal CAST, Reveal TAP, and Reveal 360 is based on novel hardware (lasers, high-speed industrial cameras, mobile connectivity, remote management, remote sensor control) and original mechanical technology. All of these solutions are powered by a scalable and continuously evolving industrial internet solution: The Sapotech Reveal platform, entirely developed by Sapotech.

With Sapotech products, customers can assess and visualize their hot temperature processes in real-time using novel touch-based interaction methodologies and advanced technologies.