We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Sapotech and Intocast AG, a German company with over 40 years of expertise in refractory products and plant engineering on a global scale. Together, Intocast and Sapotech will challenge the current ways of working by introducing solutions to the market that will raise the quality and efficiency of steel production processes.

Through this partnership, Sapotech’s cutting-edge IoT solutions will be integrated to provide real-time visualization and monitoring of manufacturing processes. Leveraging AI-powered algorithms tailored for specific applications, this collaboration enables immediate adjustments and highlights the effectiveness of components directly on the production line.

Matthias Normann, CEO of Intocast AG, emphasized: “Our collaboration with Sapotech extends beyond technology integration; it’s a strategic move to showcase the real-time capabilities and superior performance of our products.”

Saku Kaukonen, CEO of Sapotech, added: “By combining our strengths, we not only enhance the production processes of our clients but also set new standards in precise real-time monitoring, quality assurance, and occupational safety in the metals industry.”

This long-term strategic partnership highlights both companies’ commitment to driving innovation and delivering enhanced solutions to the metallurgical industry. This also marks the start of a new era for Sapotech, giving us the power to lead the way in brining high-tech visualization and AI technology into steel production processes.

Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this journey to redefine steel production processes and set new industry standards together!