Our customer needed to visualize and inspect the surface condition of their slabs during production from both top and bottom side. He also wished this installation to be done quickly so it wouldn’t interfere or slow down the steel production.

Our solution

Reveal CAST was installed during the production breaks but also during the normal production time. It took only 4 days to set up Reveal CAST to image the top and bottom side of the slabs.

Benefits for the customer

A quick installation of Reveal CAST means that the customer does not need to stop or slow down production at the plant. Also, the payback time is much faster as you see the benefits of using Reveal CAST from day one.

Another benefit is that now the surface inspection of the slabs can be done automatically. This means that the operator can inspect the product safely from the control room and the generated data can be gathered and storage for later process improvements.

Finally, Reveal CAST can be used at different stages of the production so they can trace and record the evolution of the surface quality of the product from high to low temperatures.