One of our key customers wanted to distinguish between the metal and slag that was pouring out of its arc furnace so there could be a clear vision of the molten stream and under safe conditions from the control room. The customer needed specifically to monitor two tap holes at the SAF.

Our solution

Reveal TAP was installed with two cameras and operator displays at the customer plant.  It includes real time screens in two operator cabins, long term cloud storage of tapping videos, and machine vision algorithms. This solution has been working at the customer facility for already 2 years with positive results.

Benefits for the customer

Operators could immediately realize the benefits of using Reveal TAP because they could visualize in real time when the metal stops coming, without them having to temporarily escape from the operator cabin. Because of this, they can now also avoid unnecessary exposure to hostile areas so their work safety has also been improved.

Furthermore, because they have now a better detection system of disturbances in melt flow, the maintenance operation times can be optimized and there could be even savings from material efficiency. Additionally, the real time and recorded (offline) usage bring added value for production, R&D, and QA.

“From the image you can differentiate metal and slag. So, there’s no need to vacillate with the visor on the platform” say the furnace operators.