Dr. Paavo Hooli, Sapotech’s Senior Adviser, was granted the award for best presentation at the International Workshop of Surface Quality of Continuously Cast Products (IWSQ 2016) in Bergamo last week. His presentation included examples of changes in surface quality of slabs during casting and demonstrated how Reveal CAST can detect and analyse different types of defects appearing on hot slab surfaces. This was followed by a passionate discussion, where the audience was particularly interested in the fact that with the Reveal CAST technology, the casting speed is not anymore a restrictive parameter for the online analysis of surface quality. This means that the system can be used for all processes in steelmaking: from slab casting to the finishing processes.

Reveal CAST uses state-of-the art imaging units, laser illumination and its own algorithmic technology. High resolution image data is provided from hot glowing surface of hot slabs, blooms, billets as well as rolled products. Through the IoT, all data is available online for immediate feedback to operators, and also documented for later tracking and process improvement.

To have access to Dr. Hooli’s presentation send us an email to info@sapotech.fi