Sapotech is coordinating a major project that brings together five SMEs, two universities and two industrial partners – AMET. The objective is to develop a platform economy that explores a wide range of monitoring and measurement solutions for the metals industry in demo environments.

The industrial parties will provide the specifications of the key components for the subsystems to investigate and develop solutions for different metallurgical needs. Also, the research institutes will work together in collaboration with the industry parties.

The project will develop expert systems for selected processes such as: arc furnaces, continuous casting and rolling, as well as for further processing. The methods and technical solutions developed will be piloted through case studies, which will be defined with the industrial partners.

AMET intends to ultimately improve the competitiveness of SMEs, the efficiency of metallurgical manufacturing processes and increase savings through the digitalization of the metals industry. The project specifically aims to the creation of new measurement solutions, associated models, horizontal linking of data streams and more advanced analysis of process data.

For more information about AMET contact Sapotech Chief Metallurgist and Project Manager Juha Roininen.