Dr. Paavo Hooli, Sapotech’s Senior Adviser, was granted the award for the best presentation at the International Workshop of Surface Quality of Continuously Cast Products (IWSQ 2016) in Bergamo, Italy.

His presentation included examples of changes in the surface quality of slabs during casting. Dr. Hooli demonstrated how Reveal CAST can detect and analyze different types of defects appearing on hot slab surfaces. His presentation was followed by a passionate discussion, the audience was particularly interested in the fact that Reveal CAST can be used for online surface analysis of not only slow-moving objects (e.g. cast slabs) but also for faster ones (e.g. rolled products). This means that the system can be used for imaging and tracing subsequent processes from the casting to the rolling processes.

For the customer, this brings great benefits because with REVEAL CAST the casting speed is no longer a restrictive parameter for monitoring the surface quality of cast or rolled products. Now the operators and quality managers can use only one system to monitor the whole production process from the beginning until the final product.

To have access to Dr. Hooli’s presentation contact our Sales Director Dr. Hannu Suopajärvi: hannu.suopajarvi@sapotech.fi