Outotec has a global presence and offers its technology to several markets, including the metallurgical sector. This partnership brings numerous benefits to the customers of both companies. From Sapotech’s point of view, having a well-known organization as a business partner can accelerate the next steps to present the benefits of our REVEAL solutions to customers worldwide.
Swerea MEFOS
Swerea MEFOS is part of the Swedish Research Institute for Industrial Renewal and Sustainable Growth. They create, refine and transmit research results coming from the process metallurgy, heating, metalworking, environment and energy technology to meet the customer needs. Sapotech is a member of Swerea MEFOS and does actively cooperate with them.
Luxmet is a Finnish-based company, which offers advanced control systems for the Steel and other metal industries. Sapotech and Luxmet have a strategic partnership that aims to develop together technologies that can benefit customers from the steel and other metal industries.
The department of Metallurgy, at the University of Oulu, is dedicated to carry out research in the metallurgical sector. Their ultimate goal is to master the understanding of high-temperature processes in the metallurgical industry. Over the past years, Sapotech has worked closely with the department of Metallurgy of the University of Oulu to develop and launch the latest innovations that can help to optimize the high temperature processes for different metallurgical sectors.