Sapotech - The Company

Based in Northern Finland, Sapotech combines strong expertise in the fields of high temperature metallurgy, machine vision, optical intelligence and industrial internet for delivery of online solutions on a turnkey basis. Our product offering includes smart and cost efficient process tracking and quality assessment solutions especially for the challenges of high temperature processes.

Our unique solutions built on top of the Reveal Industrial Internet platform provide real time data of high temperature processes in unprecedented details. Modern cloud computing technologies are fully utilized in one and only Reveal platform, enabling seamless product scalability from single site installations to multi-site global solutions, ensuring corporate wide real-time process information flow as well as opportunities for continuous process development.

Sharp laser illuminated imaging, intelligent optical design and intuitive touch-based web user interface provide our customers with unique and powerful tools for online monitoring and documentation, leading to quality enhancement and production capacity optimization. High-end image processing algorithms are used for automatic feature detection, classification and measurement. We constantly develop and implement new algorithms and measurement technologies in collaboration with our customers and partners in research institutes.

Our technology is widely used in different metallurgical industries including steel, ferrochromium, aluminium, nickel and copper.

We are innovative not only in our technological approach but also in the business model range we offer: from the traditional capital expenditure model to a full quality service based deployment.