Through deliveries to key customers in Europe and further scheduled deployments, it is clear that the market has now become aware of Reveal TAP benefits. Some specific benefits for our customers:

  • Reveal TAP is an online inspection tool of processes involving hot metal flows
  • Early detection of possible problems in a systematic way
  • Monitoring in real time from the control room
  • Inspection not relying on one operator’s subjective perception alone
  • Recording of processes for future process improvements
  • Flow video storage to the Reveal cloud (or local server) for offline analysis
  • Algorithms for detection of potential process deviations

Reveal TAP solution can be flexibly customized to specific issues such as:

  • Monitoring of tapping (e.g. control of Oxygen and Nitrogen pick up), de-slagging, gas flow purging, material feeding, foaming
  • Installation at electric arc furnaces, converters, ladles, ladle stations, skimming stations